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Sports Betting – $501 AUD Bonus

Sports bet remains a firm favourite amongst Australian punters, and for good reason. This online bookmaker that is licensed in the Northern Territory has all the bells and whistles that modern punters require in an online betting site. Punters are able to bet on a whole number of sports, as well as on various racing sports. There is a reason why Australians keep coming back to this site. In fact, there are probably a whole variety of reasons!

For starters, the promotions that are on offer are very attractive. Just by registering on the site, you can be eligible for a free bonus bet.  There are some great cash back specials on offer. Take the NFL Playoffs special for example. This promotion states that if your First Touchdown Scorer bet loses, but still scores a touchdown at any time, you get cash back read. Of course there are a variety of terms and conditions that apply to all the promotions, but as long as none of the exceptions apply to you and that you take careful note of all the conditions, these specials can be valuable for both newbie and professional online punters.

Pick Any Sport to Bet Online 

Online betters are most certainly spoil for choice with Sports bet. If there is an international or national fixture of any sort taking place in Australia, chances are that there will be some betting options available. The other great thing is that it is not only Australian sports that are available to punters. For example you might wish to place a wager on a US ice hockey game, or a basketball fixture taking place in New York. The French Open and Wimbledon are coming up soon, and if you have a firm favourite, Sportsbet will certainly be offering odds on these Grand Slams. As these major events start approaching, it is worthwhile to keep a lookout for the special promotions that Sports bet offers, as very often these can be a great way to get involved with wagering on these events.

A variety of payment options with Sports bet

In terms of money, when depositing or withdrawing money, the site offers the option of Bank Transfer, Skrill, or PayPal. When depositing, you are also able to use your credit card or BPay. The point is that the options that are available should allow most people to easily register and then get in a position where they can actually start placing bets. With a minimum online bet of $0.01 AUD, even the most inexperienced punter can start out without too much fear of losing their fortune! Because the site allows such small bets, Sportsbet should be quite attractive to anyone new to the online sports betting scene. As newcomers learn how the betting system works, they can slowly increase the size of their bets as they become more comfortable.

Sports Betting Odds and Tips 

Because Sportsbet has apps available for Apple and Android devices, this online betting site is easily accessible to users of mobile devices or desktop computers. The numerous options to deposit and withdraw money, as well as all the sports, promotions, and competitive odds, make this online sports betting site a firm favourite amongst Australian punters.


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