Online AFL Betting for Australians

The Australian Football League (AFL) has been a respected institution for many years, and makes football a great sport to play, watch and bet on. Punting online has proven just as popular as offline AFL bets, and has made more wagers more possible for more players. If you are thinking about entering the exciting world of AFL betting, read our online betting guide here.

The AFL is big enough and busy enough to allow for several different types of wagers to be made on the games. You can make basic AFL bets on who a match’s winning team will be, which is the simplest option and a great place for novices to begin. Each team has different AFL betting odds, so there is often a pointspread that must be met before you are fully paid out.

After a little practice, and when you are feeling a little more familiar with the teams and players, you may also want to try another simple wager and bet on a player exceeding a goal in their defensive or running statistics or scoring a specific amount of points. The more you play, the more insight you will have into players and the easier such a wager will be.

To make things even more exciting, there are certain times of the year when exotic multiple match bets may be made, which is great fun for more advanced players. During these times, there are enough matches being played to take bracket bets where you can predict winners of each game and the overall tourney. Other available long-term bets include predicting the team who will end the season at the top of the points ladder. This may be the favourite, but is also often a compete underdog. The unpredictable results will keep you totally immersed.

For something a little out of the ordinary, you can even design a fantasy football team at some of the AFL footy betting websites we review. This can be really enjoyable, and you can let your imagination run wild. It can also be very rewarding if your dream team is found to be the best.

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Online AFL Betting Odds Decisions

As with all online Australian sports betting, we strongly recommend that you do through research into prospective football teams, players and wagers before putting any money down. You should take all the facts you can into consideration, and to trust your instincts as well. The more wagers you place, the more confident you will become at combining these two forces. Consider AFL betting odds, check sports reporters’ opinions and take team and player statistics into account. Listening to1 your instincts is not the same as letting your emotions govern your decision, and we strongly discourage this although it can be difficult for die-hard fans not to back the team they love most. Try to remove emotion from your AFL betting decisions.

Consider AFL betting odds, sports reporters’ opinions and player and team statistics as you make your decisions.

AFL Bets Big Rewards

The online betting sites reviewed here all treat football fans and AFL betting with the serious respect they deserve. With the possible wins and surprising game and player outcomes, betting on these games is not for the faint-hearted and you need to keep your finger on the pulse of any new developments. Luckily, the game is more than entertaining enough to achieve this.

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