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We aim to help you enjoy the best possible online Australian betting experiences in every way, so besides providing comprehensive greyhound betting sites reviews we also offer detailed guidelines on a number of issues, including greyhound racing. These beautiful animals have provided companionship to many great leaders over the years, Including Cleopatra and William the Conqueror and are as suited to jackrabbit hunting as to aristocratic life. Betting on these events is really quite thrilling, and the hounds often reach speeds in excess of seventy miles per hour as they chase artificial lures around the track. If you are keen to explore this exciting world or improve your current skill set in this area, read on.

Greyhound betting at the online Australian betting sites that we review offers many different types of greyhound bets, so you will be accommodated in every stage of your punting development. There are two wagering systems used: the Parimutuel or Pool Betting system and the Fixed Odds system. In the first, as the name suggests, all bets of the same kind are grouped together. Payouts are shared among all winning punts. In the second kind, the odds are fixed when you place your bet so your return is determined from the start. You need to keep an eye on the way odds behave in different races to decide which is most beneficial in every situation. As you play more and more, you will become more skilled in this. You will also learn which wagers work best for you. To start you off, we have detailed the commonly available greyhound racing betting options here.

  • Straight and Place bets are the simplest options, and reward you if you correctly pick the dog who will come first or place second respectively. An Each Way bet is a combination of the two, and will reward you in full if your pick comes first and in part if it places second or third.
  • In an Exacta, also known as a Perfecta or Straight Forecast, you must name the two dogs you think will place first and second and then have them finish in the correct order. The Quiniela, also called a Reverse Forecast, is the same bet but the placing does not matter.
  • Trifecta and Superfecta bets reward you for correctly picking the takers of the first three and first four spots respectively.
  • For Head-to-Head bets you must choose which of two hounds you think will finish higher.
  • In Over/Under bets you need to judge whether the winning distance between the dogs who place first and second will be over or under the bookmaker’s estimation.
  • For Winning Trap bets you must say whether the winning hound will have an even or odd trap number.
  • You can make up to twelve selections on one ticket in a Multiple bet. This can be very rewarding, but the risk is also high because all your picks must win for you to be paid out.
  • You can bring several wagers together and pun on up to four dogs in Combination bets.
  • Several exotic bets are also available, and change regularly to keep things interesting
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Greyhound Betting Tips

Greyhound racing betting is a perennial favourite in the Australian online sports betting arena, and can be really exciting and rewarding. The more you play and learn, the more you will want to.

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