What are Sports Betting Handicaps?

You’ve come to the right page to get Sports betting handicaps explained for once and for all! You can start taking advantage of sports handicap odds and pad your pockets while you enjoy the sporting events you are betting on!

Sports betting handicaps are also sometimes referred to as the spread, and involve giving one team or athlete a virtual deficit -or handicap- to overcome when the event begins. If the market you choose has a bigger score than the opponent’s after the handicap has been applied, you will win!

Getting Sports betting handicaps explained is easy once you understand that it is done to even up a market so that, when a selection is deemed inferior to its opponent/s, there is a more equal chance of your bet on that selection being successful. If the competitors taking part are deemed to be of the same skill level, you may come across terms like scr or scratch, and this means that no handicaps will be applied to the final scores, and the winner of the market will be the outright winner.

Australia’s Best Handicap Betting Odds

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Different Types of Handicap Betting

Sports betting handicaps are offered in one of four ways:

  1. Handicap Match Betting
  2. Handicap Tie Match Betting
  3. No Draw Handicap Match Betting
  4. Handicap League Betting

Handicap Match Betting

During a match, you need to take into account sports handicap odds that are dependent on one team or athlete being given a virtual deficit to overcome as the match begins. One opponent will receive a virtual start, and you will be betting on who will win with this virtual start, or handicap, determining the winning wager.

Handicap Tie Match Betting

As you are getting Sports betting handicaps explained, bear in mind that there is a Handicap Tie selection available as well. Choosing this will see you betting on the match to finish in a victory for the team or athlete that received the virtual deficit, or handicap, by the exact winning margin that the bookmaker has provided.

No Draw Handicap Match Betting

Find the best sports handicap odds you can and then check the No Draw Handicap Match Betting market: this eliminates the chance of a Handicap Tie. Teams will be given a half handicap advantage, +4.5 for example, so that after the handicap has been applied no tie is possible. The handicap will only ever be applied to the selection you chose, and is not applied to both sides in order to determine the settlement. If a No Draw Handicap Match market is offered for an event where a draw occurs, your stake will be voided and returned.

Handicap League Betting

These sports betting handicaps span the entire season of a competition. The team deemed to be the favourite to win the league will start with a handicap of 0, or Scratch. Every other team will be given an equivalent handicap points score, with the weakest teams being handed the highest handicaps.

How Handicaps Affect Your Betting Choices

Now that you have had Sports betting handicaps explained, remember that these differ from bookmaker to bookmaker. It is suggested that you have at least three accounts, since this allows you to shop around. This kind of betting is most frequently found in soccer, rugby, cricket, and basketball games, among others.

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